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  King Henry V

Born: Sep 1387 at Monmouth , England  
Died: 21 Aug 1422 at Bois de Vincennes , France  
Years ruled: 1413 - 1422
Son of: Henry IV and Mary de Bohun
Married to: Catherine de Valois
Children: Henry VI
Biography: Henry V, a member of the House of Lancaster, was crowned king in 1413 at the age of 26. Henry spent most of his reign campaigning in France in order to regain territories claimed by his ancestors. The highlight of his three invasions of France (1415, 1417-1421, and 1422) was the Battle of Agincourt fought on October 25, 1415 during the Hundred Year's War. In a span of a few short hours, Henry crushed a much larger French army leaving him in control of Northern France. Henry died at the age of 35 of an unknown illness, leaving the crown to his infant son, Henry VI.


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