Blore Heath - 23 September 1459

After four years of uneasy peace, the Wars of the Roses flared up again at the battle of Blore Heath. Over the past three years Margaret of Anjou maintained the pressure on ending Yorkist claims to the throne. Finally, Richard, duke of York decided it was time to act before his forces lost complete momentum. He decided to centralize his forces around Ludlow and then attack the Lancastrian forces. During the march to the concentration point, he was intercepted by the Lancastrians under Lord Audley who had been ordered by Margaret to attack the Yorkist army. The battle was joined and the Yorkist won a major victory.

Victor Yorkists
York Leadership Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury
Lancaster Leadership James Tuchet, Lord Audley and John Sutton, Lord Dudley
Size of forces Yorks - 5,000
Lancasters - 10,000
Notable deaths Lord Audley
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