Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York

Born: 21 Sep 1411
Died: 30 Dec 1460, near Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Years ruled (as Protector): 1454 - 1455 & 1455 - 1456
Son of: Richard of Conisburgh, earl of Cambridge, and Anne Mortimor
Married to: Cecily Neville (1424)
Children: Edward IV, Richard III, George, duke of Clarence (1449-1478)

The father of two kings (Edward IV and Richard III), Richard, duke of York, spent the later part of his life attempting to acquire the throne for his family. He served for Henry VI as both Lieutenant of France and Lieutenant of Ireland. In 1450 he returned to England to oppose the duke of Somerset, one of Henry's closest advisors, for his ruinous policies which led to the loss of almost of all the French possessions. Over the next five years he clashed with the royal establishment over this and other issues. Finally, in 1455 fighting erupted at the battle of First St. Albans where Richard defeated the Lancastrian forces. During Henry's fits of mental illness, Richard served as Protector. However, he died in 1460 at the battle of Wakefield.


Henry V 1413-1422

Henry VI 1422-1461

Edward IV 1461-1470

Edward V 1483

Richard III 1483-1485

Henry VII 1485-1509


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Duke of York

Richard Neville Earl Warwick

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