Edgecote Moor - 26 July 1469

After eight years of rule, Edward IV began to alienate many of the nobles including Warwick because of his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville and his alliances with Burgundy. In 1469, Edward rallied an army to put down an uprising in Yorkshire. He was intercepted by a Lancastrian force and swiftly defeated. Meanwhile Warwick and Edward's brother, George duke of Clarence, had already landed from Calais and were on their way to join forces with Robin of Redesdale, field leader of the Lancastrian force. After the battle, Warwick ordered his brother George Neville, the archbishop of York, to intercept and capture the king Edward.

Victor Lancastrians
York Leadership earl of Pembroke
earl of Devon
Lancaster Leadership: Robin of Redesdale
Size of forces Yorkists -
Lancastrians -
Notable deaths earl of Pembroke
earl of Devon