Edward IV

Born: 11 Feb 1442 at Rouen, France
Died: 9 Apr 1483 at London, England
Years ruled: 1461 - 1470 & 1471 - 1483
Son of: Richard duke of York and Cicely Neville
Married to: Elizabeth Woodville (1464)

Edward IV ascended to the throne in 1461 finally achieving the goal of seating a member of the York family pushed forth by his father, Richard, duke of York, for the entire decade of the 1450s. He fought alongside his father at the battle at Ludford after which Edward fled to Calais with the earl of Warwick and the earl of Salisbury. Edward defeated the Lancastrians at Mortimor's Cross and was proclaimed king in March 1461. In 1464 he married Elizabeth Woodville which became the root of many future troubles. Unable to muster enough forces to confront a set of Lancastrian armies (one of which was led by Richard Neville, earl of Warwick), Edward fled to Holland in September 1470. The next year he returned and defeated the Lancastrian forces at the battle of Tewkesbury. That same year he had Henry VI executed. Upon his death in 1483, his legacies include two young sons, Edward V and Richard, both of which would be murdered in the Tower of London that year.


Henry V 1413-1422

Henry VI 1422-1461

Edward IV 1461-1470

Edward V 1483

Richard III 1483-1485

Henry VII 1485-1509


Margaret of Anjou

Duke of York

Richard Neville Earl Warwick

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