Mortimer's Cross - 2 February 1461

When Edward, earl of March, heard of the disaster at Wakefield he decided to move east to link-up with Warwick in London. During his movement he became aware of a Lancastrian force located in central Wales. Edward decided to change direction and engage the enemy. His army of mostly Welshmen routed the Lancastrian army of mercenaries from France and Ireland and Welshmen. After the battle Edward continued his march east to join Warwick near London; within two months he would be crowned king.

Victor Yorkists
York Leadership Edward, earl of March (future Edward IV)
Lancaster Leadership Jasper Tuder, earl of Pembroke
Sir James Butler, earl of Wiltshire
Size of forces Yorkists - 11,000
Lancastrians - 8,000
Notable deaths Owen Tudor (grandfather of the future Henry VII)