Stoke - 16 June 1487

Stoke is considered by most people as the final conflict in the Wars of the Roses. A group of Yorkist loyalists concocted a scheme in a last gasp attempt to regain the crown. Lambert Simnel, a commoner, was instructed by Richard Simons a priest and others to impersonate the earl of Warwick, grandson of the late Warwick the Kingmaker. Lambert was to claim he escaped from the Tower of London where Warwick was being held. Upon his "escape" he was crowned King Edward IV in Dublin Ireland on May 24, 1487. The new Yorkist group landed in England in June 4 and began to collect an army of English soldiers and German and Irish mercenaries. Henry VII moved to intercept the force at East Stoke on June 16 and crushed the rebel army. Simons was imprisoned, Simnel was captured and made a servant of the king, and the Yorkist faction was destroyed.

Victor King Henry VII (Tudor)
York Leadership Sir John de la Pole, earl of Lincoln (Yorkists)
Lancaster Leadership: Henry VII
Size of forces Yorkists - 9,000
Tudor - ?
Notable deaths Sir John de la Pole, earl of Lincoln (Yorkists)