Tewkesbury - 4 May 1471

After their defeat at the battle of Barnet, the Lancastrian forces, led by the 4th Duke of Somerset, marched toward the Welsh border in order to recruit more troops. Edward IV moved his army towards the border as well in order to intercept the Lancastrians. After reaching Tewkesbury first, Somerset took up a strong defensive position. Edward reached Tewkesbury on May 4 and immediately engaged the enemy. Somerset believed he saw a weakness in the Yorkist center and attacked. The Yorkist held off the attack, then counter-attacked and routed the Lancastrians. Edward, the Prince of Wales (18 years old), died in battle. Somerset was executed and Queen Margaret was captured.

Victor Yorkists
York Leadership Edward IV
Lord William Hastings
Richard, duke of Gloucester
Lancaster Leadership Edmund Beaufort, duke of Somerset
Edward, Prince of Wales
John Courtenay earl of Devon
Size of forces Yorkists - 5,000
Lancastrians - 7,000
Notable deaths Edward, Prince of Wales