Towton - 29 March 1461

The day after the battle of Ferrybridge, the Yorkist forces attacked the Lancastrians in a driving snowstorm up a sloping hill at Towton. Using the snow and the wind direction as an aid, the Yorkist archers were able to shoot farther than their adversaries. The Lancastrians believed their best strategy was to charge. After many hours of intense fighting the Yorkist line was showing signs of strain. Fortunately the duke of Norfolk, John Mowbray, arrived with reinforcements and the Yorkist army defeated the Lancastrians. King Henry VI, the Queen, and their son fled to Scotland. Edward IV marched into York. On June 28 he was formally crowned king at Westminster.

Victor Yorkists
York Leadership Edward IV
Lord Fauconberg
Duke of Norfolk
Lancaster Leadership Duke of Somerset
Size of forces Yorkists - 36,000
Lancastrians - 40,000
Notable deaths Henry Percy, 3rd earl of Northumberland
Sir Andrew Trollope
Lord Dacre
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