Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

Born: 1428
Died: 1471
Son of: Richard, earl of Salisbury and Alice Montacute
Married to: Anne de Beauchamp, Lady (1434)
Children: Ann Neville (wife of Richard III), Isabel Neville

Referred to as "The Kingmaker", Richard Neville attempted to wield power through the weaknesses of both Yorkists and Lancastrians kings. He and his father (earl of Salisbury) partnered with the duke of York in his attempt to claim the crown. After helping Edward IV to gain the crown, he turned against Edward and joined forces with Edward's brother George, duke of Clarence in 1469. When that gambit failed he switched sides and allied with Margaret of Anjou to put Henry VI back on the throne. Richard was killed at the battle of Barnet by the forces of Edward IV.


Henry V 1413-1422

Henry VI 1422-1461

Edward IV 1461-1470

Edward V 1483

Richard III 1483-1485

Henry VII 1485-1509


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Richard Neville Earl Warwick

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